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What do I get for £42,950 + VAT?

  • Race-specification Radical SR1 sportscar

  • ARDS race licence application pack, medical and test

  • SR1 Cup-branded Alpinestars race suit

  • Two days of instructor-assisted, exclusive SR1 trackdays, at Brands Hatch (15th March) and Cadwell Park (6th April)

  • Eight races spread over four weekends at: Brands Hatch Indy - 15th May, Oulton Park International - 16th July, Cadwell Park - 3rd September and Snetterton 300 - 9th October

  • Car delivered on a set of Dunlop control tyres

  • Full training explaining maintenance, circuit driving skills and race weekend preparation from Radical’s Works Team technicians and chief instructors

Do I get to keep the car?
Yes. You get to keep and use as you wish in addition to all the other great benefits and features included in the SR1 Cup package.
What prize will I receive for winning the 2017 Radical SR1 Cup?
As well as a trophy, the winner of the 2017 Radical SR1 Cup will receive a Radical UK Works Team drive in an SR3 RSX at the opening round of the 2018 Radical Challenge. Trophies and prizes will be presented to event winners through the year (including those in the Fangio Trophy) with exclusive prizes for the overall champion at the end of the year.
What colours can I order my SR1 in?
All SR1 racecars are delivered in white with a championship vinyl graphics pack. Drivers are free to choose whatever colours they wish for the graphics pack from a wide palette of colours.
How many sets of tyres will I use?
Drivers are limited to eight tyres per season, one set (2x front, 2x rear) of which is included within your £37,500 + VAT package price. However, the treaded Dunlop control tyres are extremely durable and it is possible to complete the season on a single set of tyres if desired.
Is VAT included?
No, the SR1 package is exclusive of any local purchase taxes. This is because some customers may have the ability to claim the VAT back if the car is run as a marketing or business expense.
What level of residual can I expect?
The best in the industry. It’s always difficult to give an exact value as it is always dependent on condition. However after two years a maintained car can expect to return a figure north of £20,000, or more if part-exchanging for an SR3. This represents more than two-thirds the original value –exceptional for a race car.
Does the package include fuel?
Fuel will need to be purchased separately; we strongly recommend the use of high-specification 98RON Super Unleaded e.g. Shell V-Power for maximum power and reliability. Radical can supply a control race fuel to the whole grid at a competitive price through our official fuel supplier Anglo-American Oils (Sunoco). This will be available trackside at the four race events.
What will happen once I have completed the SR1 Cup?
There is an established and logical next step for SR1 Cup competitors beyond their first season within the Radical racing framework using SR1 race cars. All drivers in the 2016 SR1 Cup will also then be eligible to race in the Radical Challenge Championship in the recently-formed SR1 class. The cars are allowed simple performance upgrades in the form of slick tyres and a dry-sump system - the total cost of all these upgrades will be around £5000.
Is the SR1 road legal?
Your SR1 is designed for track and race use and cannot be made road legal so you will need to trailer the car to each event. We can advise on the purchase of a suitable trailer, or alternatively the services of an independent transport and storage company.

For those who would prefer to store, transport and run the car themselves we have worked closely with series partner Brian James Trailers to create a bespoke trailer package for the championship. Details of this are available from Radical or on the Brian James Trailers website.
I’ve never owned a racing car, is it difficult to maintain?
The SR1 has been specifically designed to offer exceptional performance whilst remaining easy and inexpensive to maintain. As part of your package you are invited to attend a number of seminars and in-depth technical sessions with Radical’s Works Team technicians. These will explain how to complete basic maintenance on the car and prepare for your race weekends. If you do not wish to prepare the car yourself we can advise on independent specialists who will take care of this for you. We will send you a list of approved Radical teams who will all use the following pricing structure. There are three options as listed here:

Option A – Storage and transport to the race meetings - £500 plus VAT per event
Option B – As above, but with race prep included - £750 plus VAT per event
Option C – All the above plus a mechanic to run the car on the day £1000 plus VAT per event
How much will consumables cost?
These will be low. We anticipate a set of brake pads and discs to last at least a season (pads are £112.69 plus VAT per axle, discs are £78 plus VAT per axle), oil usage is minimal and chain lube costs £11.34 plus VAT per can. Fuel usage is just under a litre a minute. The Dunlop tyres have been designed to last well and be cost effective to replace. They cost £155 plus VAT for a front and £180 plus VAT for a rear.
Is insurance available?
This is not mandatory, but for those who wish to have it Grove & Dean Motorsport Insurance provides insurance packages for all current Radical race championships and they are doing the same with the SR1 Cup. For all race meetings they will cover the car for a race day (qualifying and 2 races) for £495 (there is no VAT to add). This gives you £12,000 of cover with a £2,000 excess. They will also provide storage and transport packages. Please call 01708 436814 and speak to Karl Schofield for more details.
How reliable is the SR1?
The SR1 racecar utilises proven Radical chassis technology with a high-performance yet extremely durable RPE-Suzuki 1340cc engine. The same specification mechanicals are used by track drivers and race schools across the world without issue, and advanced engine electronics protect the engine against damage caused by low oil pressure, high oil/water temperature, low fuel pressure etc. The light weight of the car also means that consumable wear e.g. tyres, brake pads, suspension bushes etc. is very low.
What additional technical support can I expect?
For advice and support, our technical staff will be on hand at every track event to answer any questions or concerns regarding your SR1. Our staff are always available on the end of the phone to resolve your queries between events. The SR1 is easy to maintain at a circuit but we recommend inviting friends/family to join in the fun, and to keep track of lap times etc. Team/Guest passes and car parking passes valid for the entire racing season are included within your entry.
How do I set the car up and how difficult is this to do?
The car will arrive with a factory set up that is ready to go and will suit all driving styles. The specific aim with this car is for it to be easy to drive and a large amount of the development work was focused on this aim. However part of the fun of driving a racing car is fine tuning it to match your style, the circuit and weather conditions, so we have allowed a small amount of adjustability with dampers and the rear wing. Not enough for the car to become unstable, but enough for the driver to be able to feel the differences.

It’s all part of the learning process and a stepping stone to the more significant range of adjustment that that is available on the SR3 RSX. The Radical Works Team technicians will always be available to offer advice in this area.
What about spares support?
All events will be attended by Radical’s comprehensive spares truck. This is a parts store on wheels that holds everything to keep your SR1 racing, so there’s no reason to go to the expense of carrying a large spares package with you.
How much competition will I have?
All three seasons so far have seen championship numbers in excess of 20 cars; interest in the 2016 series has already been impressively high and we will fill these grids in a very short time, so act quickly to secure your place!
When does the season start?
The first part of the process is the ARDS licence test. We recommend this takes place in February/March 2017. The trackdays will run in March and April with the races joining four Radical domestic race events in 2017, one meeting per month in May, July, September and October.

Radical recognises that the school summer holidays are often a busy time with holidays booked, therefore we do not race throughout August in 2016.
Will I get to chat to the other drivers?
Yes. We are keen to encourage a club feel the championship, and as you are the drivers who will be on the first ever SR1 grid we will make you all very welcome. Every driver has a profile on the website which can be personalised and we will be arranging a hospitality area at each event. This will provide you and your friends and family with a place to meet up and share your experiences.
How do I get involved?
Simply navigate to the Go Racing! link above, and follow the link to fill out an application form. A £5,000 deposit secures a space, (fully refundable after you have driven the car if you decide on the day that you do not want to take part in the championship). Interested parties will be invited to an SR1 trial day to evaluate the car. Upon ordering your SR1, payment of the balance is required before the completed car can be released, typically six weeks after ordering.
What lap time will an SR1 do around the Bedford West circuit?
The SR1 Cup car delivers incredible performance for its size thanks to highly-developed underbody aerodynamics and advanced suspension. In less than perfect conditions SR1 Cup competitors recently lapped Bedford Autodrome's West Circuit with a best lap time of 1m15.398s after only a handful of laps to familiarise.
When is it possible to test drive the SR1 Cup car with a view to purchasing?
Radical offers trial day dates throughout the year at a number of UK circuits, including Silverstone, the home of the British Grand Prix. Visit to view the current list of trial days available.
Is a relevant amount of experience needed before you can enter, such as a few seasons in karting?
Absolutely not - the SR1 Cup concept has been specifically targeted at and designed around drivers without previous track experience, equipping you with all the skills and knowledge to succeed on-track. The confidence-inspiring and benign handling of the SR1 Cup racecar means that it's easy to get up to speed, even if you've never competitively driven before.
Is there a limit on how much I can use the car (for instance on other track days) in between the SR1 Cup rounds that I would be competing in?
We encourage SR1 Cup competitors to use their car as much as possible - on track days, race test days and other motorsport disciplines such as sprints and hillclimbs. There are a number of other championships in which it's possible to race the SR1 too, such as 750MC Bikesports and the Open Sportscar Series. Equally however, there are plenty of SR1 Cup competitors who do not have as much time to drive between SR1 Cup rounds, but still find that they are competitive and race-sharp.
Can I race a second-hand SR1 in the SR1 Cup, and if so what are the costs?
With many 2014 drivers making the transition into the Radical Sprint Championship and beyond, Radical is able to offer a selection of works prepared, Approved Used SR1 Cup cars. Radical has cars in stock now from £25,950 inclusive of VAT for both the car and SR1 Cup racing package. The package of races and benefits to accompany this is £4,950+VAT for the 2015 season.
What is the age required to race?
The Radical SR1 Cup is run to standard MSA Championship rules for senior race licence holders, meaning the minimum age for competitors is 16 years old.
Do I have to attend every race?
For some drivers it's not always possible to attend every track session or race event; this is not a problem. In the event of trackdays Radical will attempt to accommodate you on an alternative trackday date.
Are there any finance options for a season of SR1?
Radical's Sales Team have close contacts with a number of finance house who can assist in the purchase of a new SR1 Cup racing car. Please contact Radical for more details.
With the secondhand car purchase and SR1 Cup package, what is the £25,950 for, and what is covered in the £4,950+VAT?
The first value covers the purchase cost of an Approved Used SR1 Cup racecar - as a used car this is inclusive of VAT. The other value covers the features and benefits of the full SR1 Cup trackday and racing package.
If I purchase a second hand SR1 privately can I join the group and partake in all the other parts, ie the race license, 2 days of instruction, how fast competition, eight races, and two training seminars, and how much is the charge for that?
The charge for entering the series with a second-hand/privately purchased car is £4,950+VAT - this brings all of the same SR1 Cup championship package benefits as purchasing a new car.
On videos of the series, I've seen the cars have different wheels. Am I able to choose different sets of wheels, or is it random?
Early SR1s were delivered with single-piece Compmotive CXR alloy wheels, however after Compmotive ceased trading in late 2013 Radical switched to Braid single-piece alloy wheels. This is what all new SR1s are now delivered on, and are also available from Radical's online parts store.
Regarding the car maintenance: If I was to select option A as listed in the car maintenance section, would I need to provide the trailer for storage and transportation or would the person in charge of storing and transporting cover that with the price paid?
The car maintenance levels are offered as a guide in consultation with various independent Radical teams. At their most basic level the team would provide storage and their own transportation, but no preparation between events. Most competitors who run within a team opt for a more comprehensive support package which includes re-preparation of the car between events, as well as trackside support at the races.
If I left every aspect of the car's running to a team, what would the costs be?
We've worked hard to keep the season running costs in SR1 Cup as low as possible through the careful specification of the car and championship. Even if you were to hand every aspect of the car's preparation, transportation and storage, and arrangement of all testing and extras to a team, we would anticipate that a season should cost no more than £18,000 - for most drivers the cost is far less.
Where will my initial training be?
The first stage of the SR1 Cup is to obtain your MSA race licence via the ARDS (Association of Race Driving Schools) course. This can take place at a range of circuits across the UK; however with our close ties to MotorSport Vision we would recommend taking your ARDS at Brands Hatch, Snetterton, Oulton Park or Cadwell Park.
Am I able to buy an SR1 Cup car alone? If so, how much would that cost?
The basic SR1 Cup alone (without the championship package) costs £29,850+VAT, with the same options available as those within the main SR1 Cup Championship package.
Can I share the drive with another person?
Several teams have shared cars in the past - due to the compact format of the SR1 Cup's qualifying session it is difficult at longer circuits to contest a race each over a weekend (as each driver is required by MSA rules to complete three laps in qualifying), but teams have alternated drivers for race events i.e. raced two weekends each.
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