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Preparation For Sale
Radical Sportscars is proud of its reputation for supplying the finest quality, high performance trackday and racing machines. Every Approved Used Radical is treated with detailed care and attention to ensure there are many hours of thrilling driving ahead. 

Every Approved Used Radical undergoes a comprehensive preparation process before a customer takes delivery, including the following:

> Detailed refurbishment to production factory standards
Refurbishment of an Approved Used Radical is a detailed process. Each car is carefully dismantled back to its chassis with components individually inspected and tested before cleaning and reassembly. Components showing signs of wear or damage are replaced. Particular attention is paid to safety critical components such as the suspension, steering and braking systems. 

The car is then reassembled in a controlled environment before being tested on Radical’s in-house rolling road dynamometer for engine performance and drivability. Any final bodywork touches or graphics are added before the car is finally ready to be handed over to its new owner.

> 100-point technical inspection and pre-delivery report
At the start of the refurbishment process a detailed technical inspection takes place to draw up a list of any remedial work or specification changes to be made. Once the car’s refurbishment is complete it is thoroughly checked and approved with a signed pre-delivery report confirming its condition for complete peace of mind. Click here to view a sample copy of this documentation.

> Only manufacturer parts fitted by official Radical technicians
Only by purchasing an Approved Used Radical do you get the complete guarantee that only the highest-quality, manufacturer OEM parts are fitted to the latest specification and performance.  At the same time we’ll ensure that the onboard electronics feature the latest software upgrades and are clear of old data, so you’re ready to hit the track straight away. After purchase a customer can specify the addition of any optional features or upgrades such as datalogging, brake upgrades or FIA-spec racing components to be fitted before delivery.

> Suspension geometry reset to factory baseline settings
All Approved Used Radicals are checked and adjusted on Radical’s calibrated flat patch to factory baseline suspension settings, just like a new car. Your Radical will handle as if it were fresh-from-the-box - and you’ll get a copy of the settings for future reference.

> Engine hour confirmation or engine refresh with warranty by RPE
In the early stages of refurbishment the engine of your Approved Used Radical will be removed for inspection by Radical Performance Engines (RPE). Compression, leak down and a host of other tests will determine the engine’s state of health, along with interrogation of the engine’s running hours from the car’s ECU. The car is then presented with this information if engine hours are low; alternatively RPE will conduct a complete engine rebuild back to ‘zero hours’ condition, with a warranty for up to 40 racing hours on our standard model range. No other racing car manufacturer offers such a warranty. 

> Owner’s pack including documentation, manuals, servicing tools and data download equipment 
You’ll be provided with everything you need to run your Radical successfully. On collection our staff will show you around your new car, including its operation and servicing/maintenance points. Servicing tools such as a dry sump system dipstick, centre-lock wheel sockets, air jack lance and ECU data download cables are included in the delivery pack with its refreshment documentation and owner’s manuals.
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